Colored cities

We didn’t want to do REAALLY touristic things, but as we’ll arrive to a place, which is famous for its camel safaries, I think, we’ll have to try it.

From Delhi we’ll get on November 16th to Jodpur. Jodpur is called the blu city and is confined with the desert. It gave us the idea to look for a desert tour and we actually found some interesting things.

Not only external tour guides bring you to Osian, but also our hotel organizes desert safaris.
So after we arrive and got to the hotel, we’ll head to a half day Safari to Osian. The next day we’ll have another half day in Jodhpur prior to get the car we’ll book at the hotel with a driver and going right to Jaipur.
To arrive from Jodhpur to Jaipur I count the rest of the day. We could stop in two additional places, in Pushkar – finally a very European sized city with only 16 thousand inhabitants and in Ajmer, another city, we’ll reach, but honestly I think it will just be too much.


Just look, isnt’t it amazing?


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