Old Delhi

What a traumatic day.
We arrived yesterday without problems, the flight was ok. From Muscat to Delhi we took a flight with almost only Indian people. They were very nice, in change of filling out their visum declarances, they ordered whiskey for us by the steward (we didn’t drink it, it was 7 in the morning).

Then we got to the hotel after some hours. Afterwards we wanted to go to see something from the city, the hotel owner gave us a guy for 500 rupia, (he started by wanting 1000) and we went to Delhi.

Jees. The city is incredible. It is not even a city, i think, it is like a place, where urbanisation can’t beat the customs.
It is dirty, people are really everywhere, dogs on the street (not dangerous, they usually sleep under some motorcycle), people spuke, the city smells sometimes bad, it is terrifying in the first hour.

The traffic seems not to have rules, to cross the streets, you only have to look at the numerous types of thing, that can come over you and avoid them. On the streets there are people, people who carry something on their heads, people with a small/big carrier, bicycles, tricycles, rickshaws, motorcycles with two or three person on it, cars, busses, it is…..incredible.

We were in old Delhi. Today we try New Delhi, maybe it will be better….


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