What you can need in India – prepare yourself for the costs

I remember, when I was fourteen and Hungary and the whole Eastern European block collapsed. From one day to another goods became buyable, while others became much more expensive, than we were used to pay for them.

At fourteen I was writing a diary, and when I realized, that we are living historical times, I wanted to have my own fingerprint on it, something for me from my past.

I didn’t have a piece of the Berlin Wall, not even kept one of the first free election’s posters, but I started to note the price of some of the most important aliments to have an idea years after, how it changed. Right now, 22 years later, when I see, that a chilogram of bread costs over 200 forints, when in my youth I was used to pay less than 1 forint for it, it scares the hell out of me.

Sure, 200 forints make out not even one euro – actual conversion rate is ca. 303 forint for one european coin – but still….The most obvious and most demagoghic statement is, that the salaries haven’t risen in that steep curve, like the prices did/do.

The idea right now is the same, in this post, I would like to reflect about the costs of this trip. I won’t count the airplane and hotel prices, as they are present in any trip, I would like to let you know the additional costs, that we faced during the organization.
Why is this interesting for you? Because, most likely we are not the only European couple, which after years and years of European and North American city tours, decides to go to the Orient and without thinking about it, gets overwhelmed with costs.

I differenciate two classes of the costs. Into the first class I order everything necessary, into the second class I put the rest. As already stated, airplane and hotel costs, as well as the money, we will spend in India is not part of this report.

Here the first class:

  • Visa (if you don’t live in Milan or Rome, you also need to count the trip to get there)
  • Vaccines, recommended by the Local Health Authority
  • Mosquito net, camp lining envelope
  • Malarone
  • Repellents

Considering that we already had a trekking rucksack of 80 liters and we don’t need special clothing or footwear, the above listed costs reach almost thousand euro for two. Thousand euro. Amazing, isn’t it?

The second class reflects only our needs, and is much shorter.

  • Reflex photocamera
  • Eye-fi memory card
  • Cat-sitter

Obviously, it depends on, what kind of camera you are buying, we decided for the Canon EOS 600D without additional lens, the eye-fi we bought on eBay from a private reseller. This memory card would be able to let us carry only the iPad and not a whole laptop with us, and still be able to syncronize the photos every day.

This category covers over thousand euro as well.

Well…what can I say? The trip won’t be cheap.

Btw: this month, in the Style magazine’s Italian edition there was a short article about the Golden Triangle…I still can’t believe, that I will see it.


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