Udaipur – Rajasthan


At the very latest we changed our plan and hired a driver, to take us for a tour in Rajasthan. It is wonrderful, the first day we stopped in a village, where the women gave me a marriage cloth and married Gio and me…. So funny

Then we arrived from Delhi to Pushkar. So many Europeans there, with the typical ethnic clothes of India, it is funny home they seemed original, here they seem idiots.
The people are basically nice. They talk and help to find the streets, but India keeps going very stressing. Thestreets are crowded, always, people are asking money, always. I never experienced a racial differentiation, but here people and above all kids are greeting us, because we are white, they ask us money for a photograph, they ask money just so, priests are Asking money, everyone. It is sad at the beginning, nerving afterwards, and makes me angry at the end. They ask you moneyjust for telling you a story ofa temple, that you haven’t e en asked for.

Hotels are ok, warm water is everywhere, we are not sick from the food, and are eating meat and veggies.

We found out, that drinking one cocco for lunch and eating two bananas is enough for us. Dinner, usually in a lonelyplanet reccomanded restaurant.

I load some photos as soon as I can.


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