Rajasthan finished, Uttar Pradesh started

We finished the roundtrip in Rajasthan. So many bazars, so many people, so many colors, odours, beggers. We are at the good half of the journey, I should make some summary.
We organized this journey for 3 months and thought, we’d be prepared for everything. Well, maybe we are not the right people to make trips like this. We travel by car, the streets and the traffic of Rajasthan are stressing.
There are no signs, that mark the lanes, no rules how to ovetake, we continue to meet on the toll road cows, persons, cars going in the wrong direction, dogs. As the cars do not have mirrors to look back, one has to blow the horn all the time.

The villages, that we encounter on the road are poor. Poorer than poor. Kids and women are working on the streets constructions, carrying cement, stones and even concrete on their heads. They are cleaning the road with a leaf of a palmtree. It seems that human work is costing so little, that it is easier to let work more people than buying a machine. As soon as we stop the car, lots of kids surround the car and ask for food. They are never asking Indians, only the tourists. Thinking, that the country is so corrupt, that not even the police is trustworthy, it is hard to understand, why I should help and not the rich Indians. I start to become nervous, when we arrive to a city. A city is never a European style city, it is lots of dust and people on the streets and so many cars and bikes, and motorbikes – with 3,4,5 persons on it – and horns, and horns and horns. In the last two days I didn’t want to exit the hotel at the evening, I needed peace and some quiet time.

The museums are mostly not informative. Lots of objects exposed with little explanation and the personnel, who starts to ask you, where you are from and starts to explain 2 minutes about an object, wants to get tipped. Always. They tell you, thatyou should give them at least 200 rupies (some 3-4 €), which is not too much, but if you begin to think, that you pay 4-times more for a ticket, than an Indian and have to pay for a still camera use also, then it becomes, like if they would just cheat on you.
We learned to say no to anything, which makes very hard the trip, but we can’t become the portmonnait of India for 16 days.
The tuctucs are following us, if we don’t take them. Really, for over 400 meters offerring every 100 meter a better price to take us to the bazaar.
We see all this and understand, how difficult is for people to live in this country. So many are in villages and work only to survive. They don’t even have instruments, they do hard work and maybe get only 200 rupies a day as salary (yes, as much, as museum guards are asking for tip).
Women are taking the grass home on their heads to feed the cows, yesterday I saw a kid, who was searching plastic bags on the street in a mountain of garbage. He was maybe 3 years old. I obviously did not photograph him, it is his life, not a scene for me. I am so sad for this people, that it sometimes makes me cry.

Good side is the food, which is good, bit too spicey, but always delicious. Lots of people are nice, schoolkids want to have fotos with us, they greet us on the streets, shake our hands and seem happy after having asked us, where we are from and how we are. The Hindu temples are superb, such a great architecture, the pillars are hand-decorated, carved, it is beautiful. And we haven’t seen the best part yet, today we go to the Taj Mahal.

Also today we take the train for the first time…we go to Baramas (Varanasi). The Ganges should clean me too, as hindies think. Without selection, here the first images,on iPad unreachable without flash, hopefully, you can see them


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