What does it mean to change one’s life?

I remember clearly, when I started this blog. I was tasked with a project at my company, which required my presence in the USA. It was Washington DC and I was just happy about it.

It was like never before. Finally I had a company that trusted me and sent me for a month and a half at a place to represent them. I mean….after 5 years it sounds normal to others, for me it was, like a new slice of my life would begin. I was such an ignorant. Once arrived, I didn’t do anything fantastic; I worked, like I’d be home.

After having come back to Europe – as always after a journey – I saw the positive effects of that month spent in Washington on me, I recall my own words, that every student on the university HAD TO stay at least 6 months on abroad to understand, that one’s origin determines only a possible way to live, but it is certainly not the only way. (Everyone is a foreigner, almost everywhere.)

Some months later, when we started the organization of our vacation to India, I was sure again, that this journey will change my life. I mean: INDIA. And in a certain way it did. I saw so much poverty and misery, like I never did before. I knew it, that there are people in the world, who does not have everything, but between knowing it and seeing there is a difference. I went to that trip after a very exciting week, two days after my job interviews, I couldn’t even concentrate on what I saw in the first days, but India is so full, it takes you and doesn’t leave you free.

I understand the people, who go back there year after year to do some humanitarian work, the people of India are worth it; we always met nice people, who accepted us and were really calm. Once we had 12 hours delay on a train, and there was no-one, who would have complained about the Indian Railway, people were chatting to each other, I think, we’ve been the most pissed up, who were on holiday, so basically we didn’t miss anything being on that train or in the hotel.

Certainly they will have their own problems and I am sure, that they will get nervous sometimes and will yell at each other, but on that train I saw nobody, who would have gotten red from anger.

It was a shock going there, but it was another to come back. Yesterday, when we finally had time to take a walk in the city of the famous Riccione, and saw the very well dressed people on the streets, who often times are more interested in being seen as to look to someone else…you know, I don’t like generalize after having been two weeks in a country, so I won’t write down the sentence, which begins with: some Indians have almost nothing and smile at each other, while our concerns are only, which winter coat to wear together with a pair of boots and are even angry because of ridiculous things.  Ups….I wrote it down. Sorry for that, I know, that there are reasons for all that, I know, that if I would have nothing, I would be maybe happier as well, and I know, that if I don’t die because of diseases, it is thank to the doctors, who worked all the day and were/are well pissed up because of ten minutes of delay, because their time was important…but after that day, I just try to relativize the time and what is really worth and what is not. I think, I am more sensitive to other people, I talk really often on the train and can let go my work, if it is for having dinner with Giorgio. I mean, I only have one life, I should live it well.

And here is comes. After this spirituality I came back to Italy and had a contract to sign. An employment contract in London. So, after eleven months of continuous changes in my life I finally had a real challenge. Not only because of London, but also a challenge for myself. Am I young enough to accept another city and a new culture? Do I feel fresh enough to move again and try to build new habits? Can I still wait for having a baby and restart with my life again?

I didn’t have much time, only two days to decide.

Three days ago I signed the contract, on Wednesday I will go to London, where I have three appointments with three different real estate agencies to visit and to decide, which is a suitable flat for me, for Giorgio and for the cats.

Yes, because now I know, to live well, I need them three. So, nothing important will change for me in my life. I will have the most important pillars of my life with me, so it can be London, Washington, India, the Moon, I will stay complete!


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