December – month of the year

If I should choose a winner month of this year, this should be December. I mean, this blog is about traveling, and in December I REALLY travelled a lot. Let’s see:

Ok, it really was November 29th, when we got back from India, but afterwards it was like an avalanche.

After I realized, that I really need a change in my job – so India at the end changed my life, yes – I accepted one of the job offers I had. A job offer doesn’t necessary mean that one has to relocate, but in my case the company is located in London, so not only a new city, but also a new country.

From my continental point of view also a new continent – they are not really Europeans, I mean all the differences thay have in measuring anything, from the beer in pint size to the length in yards and feet and the temperature and even their money is different. (It means some interesting months for me, I can’t wait! Hopefully I will understand all their diphtongs, eh-eh)

So on December 8 – Immaculate Conception Holiday in the Catholic Italy – I went to London for some previously organized flat viewings. I not only needed a new job, but I had to organize my new life there. Was it a fortune, my organization talent or that I found the best estate agency ever, I don’t really know, fact is, that after 3 hours I had a signed contract for a 35 sq meter flat, in the nearest neighborhood of the Richmond Park. (sorry for the link, I still can not embed a gmaps in my blog, just click on the link to see, where I live.) The nearest near to the park means, I HAVE to restart with jogging every morning!,+Kingston+Upon+Thames&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=49+Windmill+Rise,+Kingston+upon+Thames+KT2+7TU,+Regno+Unito&gl=it&ll=51.428327,-0.280151&spn=0.056413,0.154324&t=m&z=13&vpsrc=6&output=embed
Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

I was happy and tired after this trip, but it wasn’t enough. Giorgio – who didn’t really enjoyned this year, because he always just waited for me to turn back from some parts of the world – wanted to go to Germany, Munich to take a walk at the Christmas markets. I couldn’t have thought of something more relaxing for me, so I agreed. On December 16 we headed to Munich.

It was so nice there, from the first evening, when we’ve eaten at Alter Simpl, until the last evening, at Simpl again. In these three days we had a Schnitzel at SteinheilSteinheil revival, had dinner at Soda and lots of Glühwein on the different markets of Munich’s street. I even found a winter coat at Tollwood.

I could return only for some days, before Christmas knocked on our door, so I went to visit my father, as usually I do. From Forlì to Budapest. Nice and relaxing trip, if we don’t count the two hours delay of the plane. I mean, WizzAir sometimes just makes me crazy. I don’t know, how they manage to have more hours of delay almost everytime I travel with them.

I remember the winter 2006, when I had almost ten hours delay few days before New Years Eve – and spent all the vouchers in little bottles of champagne with a guy, I knew at the airport to celebrate at least and not going crazy everytime the departure time changed – , or the year after, when I waited four hours for the flight and afterwarsd I also missed my train in Milan.

So, comparing to these past adventures, maybe I was lucky to even get the last train in Budapest, which took me to Kisujszallas. Without ticket, because the fantastic ticket machine didn’t accept my VISA/V-PAY cards, but anyway, the ticket inspector was nice and accepted euros too – wanted cheat on me with the exchange rate, but anyway, he didn’t push me off.

Hungary is always a flash for me. We met the cousin of my father, we talked a lot about the big family, about past events – I am creating and evolving since years the family tree of the Kiss-es – and ate and drank and slept and relaxed. It was nice, it recharged me for the next year.

Now I am on the train again from Bologna to Riccione, in time to get to the Walk with Santa and can’t even think about relaxing, because on December 29 I go to London.

No… “go” is not exact enough, I “MOVE” to London. I already organized a taxi service from the airport to the estate agency, it is not cheap, thought at least I am sure, that I can catch up my keys at the estate agency, before they shut and can go home, to have some sleep on the floor – or maybe on a lightweight mattress, if we can manage to buy one at the IKEA. (I don’t have to forget to take at least a bottle of wine with me to make the evening some more confortable and to load some nice and warm films on the laptop)

Then finally the year will come to its end and we can celebrate the New Year’s Eve near the Big Ben and the Thames.

HAPPY NEW YEAR BUDDIES, let’s meet in London again!!!


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