And here I am. This move took some doing, but I am finally there. In the last post you could read, that in December I really travelled a lot, what not only means, that I was happy and saw a lot of things, but also, that I practically didn’t have time to prepare my move to London…Giorgio – as always – had an accident. Acutally two. He crashed the car’s left doors against the automatically closing parking bar, which he knows since six years, but in the hurry didn’t realize, that it closes on the car’s doors….so the car should get to the car mechanic, and in those two days Gio took the bike to get to work…Too pity, that he fell on an invisible ice in a traffic circle and since then, he can’t walk, he can’t do anything….So after I got back from Hungary, I had to wash, hang up and fold the laundry, clean the house, feed Rise and Mushroom – Riso e Fungo, our cats – do the shopping, cook, wash the dishes AND prepare my luggages….(ach, I also changed my bookkeeper, the last one was …let me not use dirty words here) I prepared everything today. Giorgio was really nice, he asked the receptionist, if he could take me to the airport, so at least I had a personal “taxi service”. I prepared my luggage and I was sure, that I can NOT squeeze more than the agreed 15 chilos into that monster. After I arrived at the airport and wanted to check-in the luggage, I realized, that I could squeeze twnety-four chilos into the suitcase. Nine chilo overweight…..I was shocked. How the hell could I pack twenty-four chilo ANYTHING into only one suitcase? The lady at the check-in was an angel – it happens in Christmas time – she said, that I should pay nine euro per chilogram overweight, so actually 180 €, but if I buy another suitcase, I can checkin that one for only 80 €. So I went to the cigar store and bought a “suitcase”, a big pink bag with Minny Mouse on it, went to the toilet and put some 10 chilo anything into that bag, checked everything in and when I went to the police station to pay the overweight fine, I realized, that somehow my V-PAY card form the Ing Direct does not work. WTF. Yes, W-T-F! Their last V-Pay card lasted like 3 months, this one worked for 3 months, and leaves me without money on the day of my move!!! (With my credit card I only can spend 1500 € / month, and I already spent over 1380 € with all the travels this month…) After a short nervous breakdown I got to the gate, got to London, met the taxi driver that took me to the estate agency that shot at 6 pm, so I was forced to hire the taxi service for almost 100 £, got my keys, went to the bus station, got on the bus, stopped the service for five minutes, because I asked the driver – Italian manner – at which station I should get off, and he was so kind to reflect and explain and tell that to me, got off at the right station, went with my luggage to the door of my flat – yes also the Minney Mouse bag was there, entered the door and WAS HAPPY. Finally I could relax. I don’t have a cent to spend – actually I had 5 pounds, for which I bought cereals, milk and a tea at the convenience store nearby – and had a 10 cents off , because I didn’t have enough money, and the storekeeper was nice – Pakistanian stores always have something special … Right now I am on my “bed”, made of my duvet, covered with a red winner blanket from my sister’s family, – on the four corners of the red blanket, my sister, my brother-in-law and my two nieces sewed a green heart – drink a bottle of Rubesco from the bottle, not having any glass am eating pumpkin seeds and am feeling quiet good. A great evening, tomorrow morning I will explore Kingston, before Giorgio arrives at 8 pm at Gatwick. What a wonderful year it will be!!!!! London! I AM HERE!!!!


One thought on “London!

  1. lucja says:

    Hallo du, es kostet mich so viel in Englisch zu lesen, hihi, nicht schlecht deine Reise, gut dass du da oben bist, heil und froh, auch wenn ein bissl arm 🙂 Beste Gruesse aus dem im Regen versteckten polnischen Land!

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