About connecting the dots

Just a short message about how little the world is.

I haven’t worked in a lots of places, basically I worked in Germany at a patent attorney, in Italy at a software house and now in London at a language service company.

What happens is, that I realize, how little my world is, or how circular the information in my world is.

Today my new boss told me, that she met my past boss at a meeting of a European Project in Brussel. It is so highly unlikely for me, that my two bosses talk to each other, knowing only mono-directionally, that they shared me….(my new boss hasn’t told to my ex-boss about me, she didn’t know, in what kind of relationship we terminated our collaboration).

I’m thinking in a possible collaboration between my ex me and my present me….it is just funny, isn’t it?

The best year I had at Expert System was, when I was supervising the development of the German disambiguator. If I think of getting it maybe back, at least partially to let it develop with something, LTC could offer, I would…I don’t know…I would just love it. Working for my ex company, in my new position…this would be something incredibly welcome…

Another connected dot is related to my own activity and my new company. LTC released a management platform, called Worx, which is widely used in the translation world. And look, today I got a translation of some patent claims, which is managed through this platform.

Isn’t it great to know things so deeply? Would this platform have the semantic capability of searching for projects or translators, I would say, that the world is littler, than we think. Funny. :-)) All in only one day


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