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Cat in the snow

I always considered my character being similar to that of a cat. I am curious, God I am and I am not easy to being kept for a long time, not for friends – and I excuse myself from everyone, who was for a short or long time my friend and then the relationship just broke up…I really meant it, I just can’t deal with certain changes in certain conditions, so I break up – and not for places, here I am in the fourth country in Europe that I try out and I already see, which are the negative parts for me, only after two weeks, but as cats, I like to choose my owner, and also if it doesn’t seem sometimes, I am devoted to that only owner.

So here I am, being a cat and diving into the new British, snowy culture. I don’t spare myself. Since two weeks I only work and eat and sleep. As usual, when I change countries, I choose the deep diving method. I change everything, every habit – no, the wine will NOT be substituted by any beer – I want to adapt myself as quickly as possible. So in the morning there is no “Corriere della Sera”, but BBC News, evenings I read a book, but strictly in English.

As usually I don’t try to find the Hungarian/Italian or whatever community to exchange information, where to find De Cecco pasta or where I could find Hungarian movies…I am in the UK, and I want to know THIS land.

It means obviously being without people around, without “friends”, but I can deal with it. It’s not the smallest town in the smallest country of the world, it is London, where I can do, whatever I want to, whenever I want to!

Today I went to a new bank, – Barclays it is – and made an appointment for next Saturday to open a bank account. I KNOW, it starts to become quite annoying with this story, but Thames Water finally granted me with its bill and the Council Tax bill arrived too, so now I can proof my address finally.

Today I didn’t want to do anything special. Just hanging around in Kingston in the morning and chilling out with a book in the afternoon, sleeping well, maybe tomorrow I will visit the London city center. So I went to the Bentalls Centre, a big-big shopping mall, with every kind of fashion store, Costa Cafe, and on every floor a Bentalls. Bentalls is like Karstadt in Germany, they basically sell everything from jewelry to televisions – my flat TV is from them, and now my wall-clock too. I’ve never been a mallrat, but I have to state, when I am completely on my own, sometimes I like being among people, and people usually are in the shopping centers.

The only drawback is that I usually buy something. So after the wall-clock, I bought a tea pot – British design – and two books. I didn’t want to buy books anymore, since I got the kindle, but it is just, you know…there are some kinds of books read easier in a paper format, like these two: a tourist guide to Britain, and Jamie’s Great Britain, a cookbook with original British food (over 100 recipes!!!!).

Afterwards I headed to the Kingston Museum, and finished my morning tour in ASDA. Kingston Museum is small, has a perfectly organized historical gallery about Kingston, which is really interesting. I haven’t seen the temporary gallery yet, maybe next time, when I go to the Thames again. (Ach, yes, River Thames flows through Kingston)

ASDA is my newest discovery, a very good and cheap grocery store. It is like Tesco’s, but at least this store on the Kingston Hill road is much bigger, than any Tesco nearby. I will go tomorrow for the weekly refill, today I only bought some chicken breast and muesli for breakfast.

Sure…after two weeks I feel the first sings of homesickness. I take myself unexpectedly wondering about how the weather is in Riccione or what my colleagues do at ES….The first question is usually answered after a phone call with Giorgio, while the second is answered by me: I wonder, what they are doing, but can’t imagine in this very moment to work there in the same position, I’ve been stuck for 6 years…

Two weeks that I am here. The next week will be very challenging at work: I will help to recruit a person for our project and scheduled on my own a phone call with Systran, which software we integrate in our process, to arrange some deals with them. After not even two weeks I do things here, which I’ve never even imagined at my old work. So what did I say? Homesickness? Don’t let me laugh again!

Tomorrow War Horse from Spielberg @Odeon. Premium movie, for a movie fan! Cheers mate, see you soon after some new and exciting moments from the heart of Europe!


One thought on “Cat in the snow

  1. Non so se si capisce ma a vedere questa immagine mi sono ricordata le mie ultima vacanze in montagna in Austria l’inverno scorso. Vedevo tanti gatti e altri animali che lasciavano le loro traccie nella neve. Da consigliare assolutamente. Non so dare un consiglio preciso come posto ma penso che su si trova di sicuro qualcosa. Tanti saluti

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