Let’s get back on the road

It was ages ago, when I used to run. Last year I applied for the Berlin marathon, but then after I started to run the first 10k-s, I had a strange feeling in my knee and didn’t want to discover by a specialist, if this can be normal or that I have an injury, for what I should have some therapy, so I just quit running. For almost a year. My last 10k was really more than a year ago. I always knew, that once I will get back to the road, only that the road changed in the meantime a bit. From the sunny and sandy beach it turned into a hilly Richmond park.

I still love running in the morning – some things just never change – but I hardly can master ever 5k. I keep thinking, that this is only, because I am not trained and it will get better (sometimes I blame my age…).

It is the 3rd day in a row that I get up, shut down my left hemisphere, who wakes up a bit earlier than me, and keeps talking about the cold weather, about the work, where I could be 30 minutes earlier, if I don’t go for my morning run and about the hills, the damn hills.

Running on the beach is easy. I find my rhythm after the first 100 meters and can run even for an hour without feeling myself tired. But I was never used to run – or walk – on hills. Now I live on t he top of one. I have no other chance, first I have to roll down to the gate of the park, where I then immediately have to run up at least one hill, if I take the eastern bound path or several little ups and downs, if I take the westbound one. I can’t decide, which is better, I suffer from these runs. Seriously, even my right hemisphere is striking sometimes and I even stopped the first time, I ran. I thought, I could start with 5k, and in 2 weeks I could double the distance, now I think, I will be happy, if until the end of this month I will run at least once the first 5k.

My strategy is not to listen to my brain, but to my heartbeat and trying to synchronize my breath with it. Today I looked at my runkeeper page to understand the new path (500 meters 30 meters elevation difference downhill, then 500 meters uphill the same 30 meters, and afterwards a nice plain street, but without being able to breathe) and I am not sure, if I shouldn’t just walk the uphill 500 meters and then run my 5k. It seem ridiculous. I applied for the race of life, and I am not sure, I can master it.

New rules, no beer after work, and a bit of water before I start.

I will be able to run.




3 thoughts on “Let’s get back on the road

  1. paulobrien says:

    I think you gave up to easily over your knee. All athletes have problems of that sort, and you just have to overcome them. Let’s get back up to 10 km and then start preparing for the marathon.

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