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I was going to set a new article about “Why it is so hard to get rid of our habits” – I am drinking a Zinfandel, so the diet is clearly difficult for me, I could make the diet to a habit? – and I’ve realized, that my first question on it starts with a ‘why’, what again gave me to think about the most important word in any language.


I know, that there is a well-known period in children’s life at about 3-years age, when they are always asking ‘why’, also in non-sense situations, like questioning the why of the why, but I just don’t understand, why – hello – we stop using it.

I mean, since I am in London, the ONLY questions I make, start with the why. Why is the off-licence called off-license? Why does cheers mean also thank you in certain circumstances? Why are people running around in short arms in 5 degrees Celcius?

Why is a lifestyle.
Why-people understand more, they haven’t lost their curiosity – curiosity killed the cat – and they are still admitting not to know everything (another interesting topic, when do I have to admit, that I am technologically old? I could master the DVD-s, the mp3-s, the ipods, the smartphones, the several i/samsung-pads, there will be something sometime, what I am just not able to set and master…maybe I have some difficulties to understand the recycling rules in the different countries?..Why?).

I consider myself a why-person, therefore cool. I think, when I will stop to ask why, I will accept the way, how things work, and will stop to create those crazy ideas, which could change the world. (Once, during dinner – a brainstorming time with Giorgio – I was trying to solve the problem of buying the ticket on the metro, I suggested to Giorgio, that at the station, where people have to get out, a machine could read their names, which would be fed with the data by reading their ID card, and would know, where they are going to, based on an XML, they compile in the morning (Yes, I was really very innocent some years ago, like those people still believeing in the semantic web), and he only had to ask, so what would happen on the Marienplatz? Would the metro stop for over 5 minutes just to call out everyone’s name? Not to mention all the similar or even identic names).
But I don’t even regret my stupid suggestion, it is a first idea, what at least admits, that we can’t go on all the time with plastic cards, and buying tickets, if we want to get better.

The why.
It is actually not easy to ask. It incorrectably admits, that you don’t know. And which adult wants to admit it to have a need of help? I guess, we all should use it all the time, if not loudly, then at least quietly, to understand, how things are working, to find the problem and to find a/any solution/suggetion to it.

So, why are habits so difficult to beat?


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