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Internet security

I grew up enjoying the last years of a socialist Hungary.

It was the 80’s, but in Hungary. It meant, that my family had no car, no landline telephone – no need to specify, there were no cell phones at all – and we had one black and white television. I remember when we’ve bought our first cassette player, there was one speaker and one cassette could be played at once. We used it to record our family game evenings – on Mondays there was no program in the TV – , we sang traditional Hungarian songs, I recited poems, and my grandmother and I played board games. We recorded everything. When I was sick and off from school, I was listening to the vinyl discs to entertain myself. If I had to tell something really urgent to a friend, I used to send a telegram.

When my sister went then to Germany with the school choir, she brought us some household appliances – a mixer, a kitchen appliance and a new cassette player (two cassettes, two speakers), it was, like we would get rich. Some years later we had our landline phone, sometimes I could use my sister’s Walkman – SONY!!!! – And we also bought our first color television. Obviously I had never seen a computer, nor had an idea, what a computer exactly should do. When I first touched a computer, I think, I was like 17, but maybe even older, I really don’t remember. I just didn’t need it. My first papers at the college were written on my mom’s typewriter that is for sure.

I remember the first time, when I’ve sent an email to my sister though. I haven’t realized how cool it was. I remember to have used Netscape to browse the internet and I was searching with yahoo.

Then in Germany, some months after I arrived, I bought my own cell phone and rented my internet enabled computer.

From then I have no clear memories, when I started to love technology and tried everything new, I bought my first mp3 player in 2001, it was a 128 MB usb-stick, and I used it only for my runs.

From only having a rented computer, I have today two laptops, a pad and two cell phones. (I can fill the 4 ports of my router on my own!!).

I practically don’t use paper to note down anything, my calendar is on Google, my diary here, I bank exclusively online, shop my groceries online, I buy clothes, shoes, and flower bulbs online.

I organize my trips, listen and buy music and books; lately I even watch my sitcoms in streaming instead of waiting for them in the TV. I have a landline number, but I’ve never bought a telephone, since I talk using my computer – also on my cell phone I use fring, skype or Google talk, so the only thing I need is a good internet offer.

I have my whole company online, the software I use, my invoices, the correspondence, everything.

I keep my data secure, sure, I use very secure passwords for important sites, where I buy or where I connect my credit cards to and I change them on a regular basis.

Since I can’t remember these passwords either, I had to find a good place to store all these passwords. You know what? In the era of internet and computer, I think, the most secure location to store my data is a sticky note!

Seriously, no one can see them, I can keep them somewhere always with me, so they are reachable, they don’t fade, don’t crash, won’t get hacked…This is, how my evolution turns in itself, from my being wanted to become more and more technological, I realize, that my sticky notes are the most secure location, I could have ever thought of.


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