Mental trips

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Almost impossible to come to London and not to waste at least one post about the weather.

I had a fantastic January, it was 10 °C, almost the whole month, I even switched off the heating, and thought to be the person, who brought the warm to the UK. We had one snowy weekend, when whole Europe was under similar conditions.

In March I started gardening, and I had to water my plants every day, the weather was dry and warm. I even changed my winter coat and started to wear the spring clothes.

However the weather was in Italy, it was the same here, I was so calm to go to the beach in a month, I even started my diet to get in form in time.

Well, if I look at the things now, I could have forgotten about the whole: “get-in-form” action, it is 8 °C outside, raining the whole day, every day, since I don’t remember, when. Sure, my plants love it, they grow, the dalias are already out, but me…always inside. My dreams about BBQ in my small garden with my neighbourg and going every weekend to downtown to know the city better are rained away.

I don’t know, how the Londoners make it to go outside and live their lives, like there would be no weather condition to keep them inside. Most of them don’t even carry an umbrella, I even saw people in shortarm, and even in flip-flops!!!!! It is 8 °C!!!!! Yes, May, but still eight degrees. (Giorgio in the meantime is complaining about the too warm weather in Italy, what not even the cats can’t stand in our balcony.)

My friend comes to visit me, from Italy, her first trip to the majestic London, and after I told her, where I want to bring her, somehow she asked me about the weather, just by-the-way. Well, I told her to bring some trenchcoat or at least some plastic cover, since there is not only raining, but most of the time this rain comes from every direction, so you can’t cover yourself with any umbrella good enough, if you plan to stay outside the whole day. I told her about the rain and the wind, so she said: I see, I will wear a shower enclosure.

I suppose, I am not a cat, I could go to the city on Saturdays and choose a museum to hide, but what then? After the exhibition I would take a walk just to find another dry place, where to hide, it is not funny.

Some months ago the BBC Breakfast asked its viewers to send slogans for people, who avoid London, because of its weather conditions. My favourite was: “You don’t like our weather? Wait 10 minutes!”

Well, it’s true, the rain stopps after 10 minutes, just don’t wait additional 5 again…


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