My reality show

I’ve already blogged about the huge technology improvement in my life and actually in the life of every one of us, which made it possible in slightly more than 20 years to get from having internet, on which there was not really so much to do, into using internet for something you need.

So from an innocent and maybe useless tool, it became something, that can solve my problems, makes me think and helps me to get through the day by eliminating distances in working relations, helping to solve difficult problems in a short time and makes life liveable.

Whoever does not understand this statement, is not familiar enough with the capabilities of the computer and internet and should try to familiarize with some of the mentioned concepts.

I only can live a distant relationship, because I talk to Giorgio every day through fring as much as I want to. When we don’t talk, we chat. I also prefer fring in respect to skype, because finally I use a special device – my phone – and a special service – fring – only with him. He is special, he needs a special contact.

The groceries ordered in internet, my bed, ordered in internet, my flat, where I live, my job, where I work, my bank, that I only know from the internet, but where I actually only have been once, when I opened the bank account, is already an old story.

Yesterday Giorgio presented to me the new technological family member. An IP webcam. I can see the flat through 2 – two – webcams, throughout the day, I can turn the cams into a right direction, there is a motion detector, the possibility to zoom into anything, you need, I certainly can shoot photos of moments, I particularly liked.

I am already dependent. I love to look at my black cat eating, he makes so funny noices – poor soul misses some dents – I love to see my flat and turning around my “eyes” to look at the walls, to see, what is on the table, etc. Sure, this wouldn’t be possible without Giorgio, who has such a trust in me, that he gives me the possibilty to log into this website whenever I want to, putting himself into a kind of Big Brother. Today I was like looking at him for 10 minutes, how he is fighting with our white cat not to let him get any food form the salad bowl. (Giorgio has decided to eat in front of the pc in the living room, and the cat is not tolerating anyone eating on the sofa, without paying a tithe.) I was so happy, I wanted to talk to them – there is a mic function – but then again, I got like sad. I so wanted to be there, to cuddle them, and tell Giorgio not to play with the cat’s habits, people in our house are eating in the kitchen and Rise – white cat – will not understand, if you don’t like to do so one day, he will think, it is on purpose, food sharing.

I shut it off…It is too much even for me…


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