Mental trips

Falling in love

People fall in love with others for so many reasons. The color of the hair, the eyes, the smile of a certain person are the most innocent and romantic reasons. (Sure, well-formed legs, a nice decollete are sexy, I prefer the bottom of the guys, don’t ask why, och yes, and the way, how guys walk. I can’t tell exactly, what I feel so sexy in it, but to look at a guy, who walks in a certain way, can really excite me.) And obviously I also have a professional deformation. The accents.

Accents are sexy. The really are. One of my Hungarian exes had an accent, I just wanted to listen to him, I so loved, how he spoke (not the words, he used, but the way, he was talking, the accent, you know, what is the difference, come on!)

It is not always love in the traditional way (but these are however always guys, I fall for…), I am completely capable to be in love with their accent and ignore their beauty.

In Germany I worked together with a guy in a cheese shop, and he had a beautiful accent, he was speaking more Bavarian, then German, I loved to talk to him (sometimes it was a real challenge to understand him, but never mind.)

In Spanish, a certain David has excited me. It was a very funny period, since I haven’t spoken Spanish in that time yet, we tried a language exchange, where I spoke German with him, he spoke Spanish with me, and we tried to better our levels in the language of the other. I had a certain advantage, since I spent the previous six months in Venice, and although I haven’t spoken Spanish, I did understand almost everything.

Italy, Davide. He was the first person, I heard talking at work, and it was amazing. His accent – Modena – was just amazing. He also became one of my closest friends, I loved, how he speaks. I really miss it.

London. Well, I hear every accent here, most of the time I listen to foreigners, who speak better, than me – it seems, that I didn’t get better in these months, sometimes I even think, to have become ever worse, if possible – there are only few Brits, I can enjoy. One of them I just call the nice-accent guy. I love to listen to him, a small problem is, that most of the times I just don’t understand, what he says. Seriously, I don’t know, if it happens, because I am so pleased to listen to him, that I forget to focus on the content, or because he has an amount of vowels, that I am not able to differentiate and address to any of the known words.

It is embarrassing…nice though…


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