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Earthquake considerations

You know, when people say, how the news became more violent? People get used to see dying people or war-scenes, so they almost became immune to these images, and since the newspapers have to be sold, the brutality of the images increases.

Like in the films. One homicide per film is not enough to get visitors to a sit-com, it has to be a serial killer, a special killer virus, a natural disaster or aliens, who want to exterminate the whole humanity. Poor Colombo – a kind of Dr. House of the police of his time – who understood, who could be the killer from a fibre…well, yes, his time is over now.

I was a kind of immune too to these images. I never really cared about wars and those brutal scenes, I’ve seen in the television, then one day I saw a documentary about kids of Sudan, who are recruited to the Army in their very early  years, like at 3, they are carrying heavy machine guns and since their courage test is to fight or even kill friends of theirs, I became sensitive again.

Lives of people, Jees. You understand, what it means to kill? Now I don’t even kill bugs, I happily live together with any minor animal, like flies or spiders. I am not in their food-chain and they are not in mine, why should I kill them? (Sure, if I can catch them, I bring them outside and feel even sorry for the time, they have to spend in the glass, I am carrying them outside, they will not understand, that I am actually helping them to get into their natural environment). 

How come all these thoughts on the earthquake now? Maybe, because the earthquake, like wars are so far away from me. I’ve never experienced any of them, so they are on the same level of incredibly sad, but still imaginary things.

Now I have to decide, if I wanna go to Italy during the Jubilee weekend – 4 days holiday, without actually taking a day off, and I attach two further days to them, so I will stay in Italy almost for a week!!! In the area, where the plane arrives, there are heavy earthquakes in these days. Since weeks actually.

I don’t know much of these earthquakes, I barely know, why they happen, am not sure to understand, how come no one is able to predict them, and how come we don’t know from a certain quake, if it is the major one or an aftershock or a pre-shock….I see on facebook the comments of my friends, who during this day and the last shocks posted shocking things, they actually can’t work, some of them are not even sleeping at home, kids of my friend wanted to sleep in the car after the first big shock, I just can’t believe it.

A friend of mine warned me today to let it go with this trip, since I will arrive really near to the place, which is moving, the trains are stopped for controls. Like my eyes would have been opened. It is not a film, it is really happening!!!!

People died in these quakes, houses has been damaged, I shouldn’t take it easy. You know in the horror films, when you know, that the protagonist shouldn’t open a particular door, because behind that door there is the evil and you want to shout out: DO NOT GO THERE!!!! Well, I a kind of feel like this. Maybe I really should just stay on my butt and not risk to travel, since I actually maybe can’t even come back? (I know, the possibility is minor, but I rather consider it.)

But I don’t even want to seem an idiot, who renounces on a trip, only because in a country, where the earth always is moving practically, I don’t want to wait an hour more on the train. 

I really don’t know, what to do.

The nature can do anything, we should have a bit more respect in front of its force.



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