Mental trips

Live your dreams – or keep them

I was on the Madonna concert last Tuesday.

I can’t help myself, I love that woman. Since I was a child and she started to wear those net tights, when she married Sean Penn, Guy Ritchie, all those people, who I was – and am – idealizing, when I knew, that she was in the company of Keith Harring…long story short: I LOVE HER.

I downloaded her videos since the reinvention tour and saw even some of her films (yes, she can’t act, although a friend of mine said, she just always had a bad director, I might want to believe this).

I built up this dream about going to her concert once, and singing all her songs, dancing like there’s no tomorrow, being one with her, all that funny childish stuff, people think, when they are teenagers.

Now I just participated on this concert and it was awful. What does it mean? Are there certain dreams, that I just shouldn’t live?


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