Business, Translation

Unemployed OR starting to take free-lance seriously

I did it. I resigned from my job. I wasn’t unemployed since the very beginning of my professional life. I started to work immediately after I finished both universities and smoothly went to generate some money also after I decided to resign from my previous employer.

Today it just hit me, that I don’t have to go to work anymore, I will only earn money, if I work for myself. My translation business is running ok, I can live without problems also if I am not looking all the time for business. I have no marketing plan, I have no plans at all, just work for my usual clients, who give me enough work to live from.

I could come up with a good business plan and do some marketing for my own to grow from my one-man-band into a considerable translation agency or even to a computational linguistics company. I could work on my own product, I even could invent something and market it. There are so many possibilities and I have enough experience to start now.

What will I do?

The energy is flowing in my vein, I can’t say, that I am afraid of this new  period. Every birth is covered with blood, sure, it won’t be easy, but finally it depends only on me, what I will do, in what I want to invest, what I want to do and what not. There is no other boss anymore to tell me, that I have to choose something, I am not completely convinced of.


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