Mental trips

That’s great, it starts with an earthquake…

How does it feel, when you decide to change something definitely important in your life? How is a decision, like this even coming to your mind?

Well, I can tell you, how it came to my mind. I was just fed up, and couldn’t laugh anymore. My only laugh in a week was generated by a “create content” button’s crazy color, designed by our supplier. A create content button’s color should let you think, if you are in the right position in the right time, or not, shouldn’t it? I can’t just call the site ten times a day – usually I laugh at least ten times a day, no…honestly usually I am happy the whole day…a LOL reaches me at least 10 times. (how the heck did I get this average?)

Are you afraid of decisions which can change your life, are you afraid of what can happen to you? Well, if you are a usual human, obviously you are afraid of the unknown, because you don’t know, what can happen (beloved tautology).

I am afraid as well. I try to make a good project management plan, with all the previsions of risks, costs and times.

Times: at the end of October

Risks: goes from a complete nervous breakdown to the soul calm like the Adriatic sea in the mornings (more probable the second one, I know, I am right)

Costs: from 500 to 1700 pounds

Wy is there no emotions’ table in the estimations? Let’s include it, it is my custom project, I do finally, whatever I want to do.

Emotions: possible laugh every day, like it used to be, without the need of the create content button

Fair enough. I think, it is worth the trouble. Just have to wait another 27 days to give it a start. Oh, Lord, give me strength and please, give me the possibility to be the one to start with this topic!!


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