Mental trips

New Years’ resolutions

After two complete months – well, maybe a month and a week, since the rest was traveling – being at home as a free-lance translator the only thing, I can think about is: HOW HARD IS IT TO WORK FROM HOME!?

Everyone, who ever studied or had to prepare work from home KNOWS, that the most efficient killer of the motivation is, if you try to work in an ambient, where nothing recalls work! Your home. I have my cats sleeping in the strangest Kama-Sutra positions everywhere, the kitchen is some steps away, the bedroom next door with the telly…Oooocch….

I obviously furnished a room with office stuff and I never am here, unless I have to work – this is to separate the relax-part of the house from the work-part.

I never work in pajama, which I used to do years ago.

I have my working hours, to which I try to stick (also, if these working hours can be expanded from 5 AM to 10 PM, I never have my phone with me during lunch and I do have quite time with Giorgio without controlling new job offers, etc.). This is a huge step forward to me, that I learnt to be offline for some time.

When I am not working, but still want to be on the internet, I never mix the two things up, I can facebook – used as a verb, if google can verb-alize himself, certainly can FB – without checking translations news.

I have a timetable, where I even differentiate between time for translation, time for networking on linkedin, time for updating myself by reading translation news or a book about translation and financial operations, like checking, if invoices have been paid, sending out the new invoices (rigorously once a month, otherwise it takes too much time and gets mixed with everything else).

I have excel sheets for every possible report, like € / client, € / month, I am planning to pay taxes and other contributions for the whole year, so I don’t get surprised by it, am starting to do my budget for 2013 – I know, it already should be ready…

So, as you can see, I did really everything to transform the “small-room” into an office, and my time spent in-front of the computer into work, but still:

My only New Year’s resolution is to enjoy my time at work!


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