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Time management

I need help!

It is believed, that once you arrive to this point, where you know, you need help, you already took the biggest step towards healing your problem.

Well, then again: I NEED HELP!

When I was a kid, I generated tables to organize my days.

It was full with 10-30 minutes activities, like “making my parent’s bed”, “shaking up the cushions of the sofas”, “dusting off a shelf”, “reading a chapter of a book”, “abdominal exercises” and similar stuff. Back then I had problems to fill in my free-time, so I figured, that if I organize it better, I will do lot more healthy and useful stuff for the family, as if I would just “hang around” the garden.

I almost had the same problem, when I grew up and started to work. I remember having a friend – we both were working far from our hometown -, who I went every day in bars with, because after work we didn’t know, what else to do. (you can’t really read/watch telly/make exercises for 4-5 hours and after work it was fun to talk to someone).

It all stopped, when I started free-lancing (by the way, why is it free? because we freely slave ourselves? ;-)).

Suddenly *all* my free-time moved to serve my side-job. I thought, this year, when I am “only” free-lancing, it will get better, but it does not.

I still wake up at 5 in the morning, work the whole day, I struggle to volunteer regularly – once a  week for like 3 hours – and work through almost every weekend. I never have JUST holidays, I always travel with my laptop and I prefer to have internet connection even in the loo, just to be sure, I won’t miss an important inquiry by a minute.

Well….yes…I exaggerated with being reachable, I know. I make steps forward, I never have my phone with me during lunch, for example.

I am able to go to the movies and turn my phone off (well…last time I was in the movie theater, I saw a film, which now you get pretty much buy for a euro in a shop).

I use the automatic response, when I am on the plane, so clients know, why I am not responding for hours (seriously, I shouldn’t publish this article, I seem stupid..I really think about the time spent on the plane, so I can’t respond…).

But actually these are not steps, these are peanuts! I need time-management, where I manage my time and not my time does it with me.

Let’s list my favorite activities, which MUST fit into 1 day:

– running (with the distance, I am running – since like 10+ years -, I could do it every day and shouldn’t be afraid of getting hurt or having sport injuries) –> 1 hour with preparatory and shower afterwards

– gardening (the most is over after spring, but I still need to water, wanna get some more plants for my summer-office (balcony garden): planning citronella against the beasts) –> 30 minutes

– reading (well…I don’t remember, when I finished a book last time. I start reading them and then just let them go) —> 30 minutes

– cleaning (I can’t live in a messy house and can’t afford to pay someone to clean it for me – well…maybe could, but that money goes into giving my cats valuable food and not some mixed up punch, ach yes, the cats…please think about living with 2 cats and not cleaning every day…that’s it, you will have a cat-hair-cushion on every horizontal surface) –> 30 minutes

– shopping and cooking (It is not free-time, but it must be counted. Eating is my hobby, I need to plan it, look for recipes, I like to take time in the shop as well, it is relaxing me. Even if the shop is right in front of the house and during summer we eat salad for lunch, vegies are best, when freshly bought) –> 1 hour


We got 2,5 hours per day, which seems to be nothing, but if you add to it the at least 12 hours of work (needs to be organized as well between invoicing, marketing, responding to e-mail inquiries, controlling payments, working (like translating, you know!!!!), networking, is not even enough, but let’s stick to 12.

12+2,5 = 14,5 (still 9,5 hours to go to fill it in)

now I sleep a lot, let’s count to this like 8 hours, so we are at 22,5, so I still have another hour and a half to eat, go to the loo, cuddling cats, dressing up, and just randomly do something! (I even could sometimes spontaneously stand up and look out the window, but maybe better to shorten sleeping time. No-one is sleeping 8 hours, what am I, a kid????))

That’s it, fellows, I have no possibility to have another hobby, blogging will be counted in the 12 hours of work, I will update my family tree only if I won’t shop and forget about organizing my photos, walking – too much time

Going out, you say? 🙂 no….just on those days, when the client’s offices close, maybe sometimes in August!


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