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The importance of marketing (part I)


Well, doing it the right way is very difficult.

Some days ago I saw a video on TED.

It was said not to be the demonstration of the new google-goggle, rather the philosophical background to it. Well, the speech started with a two minutes long ad and then Sergey only talked about how this will change your life, because you don’t need to look at your phone anymore, you can look right into the eyes of the people, you talk to (beside the fact, that you will look like Robocop, so people will turn around to laugh at you. It is sad like the bluetooth earpieces.) Let this be though the product, which will stop my technological being up-to-date, let’s talk about the marketing in this video.

He could have spoken about much more interesting things in relation with the product, leave completely out the ad and just talk – he is a very intelligent person, there must be tons of funny stories, background jokes about the goggle, is it possible, that all he could tell was: you don’t have to look down anymore and that for five minutes?

Why did he throw away this opportunity? I only will remember an awful speech and don’t wanna see him on TED, like never again.

Why am I talking about this now? 

There are certain individuals, who I admire in our industry (translation).

Not only, because they might be brilliant translators, but because they appear to be everywhere.

They give speeches on international translator conferences, have stands on language shows, update their blogs every week, write e-books and like “by the way” they translate (so it seems from their FB profile). And then once they fail to understand the concept of correct marketing and instead of becoming more inspirational for me, they become….dunno…sad?

I watched a video of one of these persons on a topic: how to become better to do a certain task, which helps to grow your business.

Believe or not, the 2 minutes video mentioned only 3 things:

– download my paper

– book a meeting with me

– sign up for my e-book.

This is sad. It was supposed to be a help! Help me by telling at least one important thing first and then you can give me the opportunity to learn about it more in your pdf, meeting and e-book, but DON’T TRY TO PUSH YOURSELF SO HARD!!!

This was a moment, where I thought: hey, this person is giving a speech on a conference? This person will only tell me to buy and download her material. This person just wants to grow her business on my shoulder, doesn’t really want to help me!

So true: help should be – at least seem – honest and not selfish


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