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Time management II (or: why the every day 10 minutes plan doesn’t work)

I tried to go with my plan of the half an hour reading, half an hour in the garden, half an hour thinking, but I can’t! 

There are plenty of things, I would like to push into a day – just remembered the other day, that I’d love to start playing flute again…but it does not work for me doing it for 10 minutes then switching to another activity.

I don’t run since a month, which is killing my body. (and my nerves. Sport is the best relaxing tool, I know. The “boring” long-lasting ones are even better. Like meditation. Like praying.)

What do I do wrong? I swear every day that the next morning I won’t check my e-mails, before I go out for a run or even put a book over the keyboard to force myself to read at least before I work, if I didn’t after…

I think, there are different types of people and different plans. My first plan of getting every of my days organized just can’t work out, because of my job (and because of me). Sometimes I need to wake up at 4 AM to finish a proofing, sometimes I need to go to bed at 11 PM, because I want to finish another job. Sometimes I need to sit in front of my desk for 12 hours straight and I don’t even feel, I’d be tired.

It can happen,  that I forget myself in an online forum or newspaper and keep reading for 3-4 hours (never happens though, that I forget to stop running….). It also can happen, that I keep shopping plants and then don’t even open my e-mails until I didn’t plant every one of them and found a perfect location for them.

What I mean is, that a spiral order is still an order. Sometimes if I stop doing something after a half an hour is like a coitus interruptus.

I need the conclusion, just like Sheldon, I need to finish something, before I start doing something else or just need not to start anything else, until I am not completely satisfied with what I am/was doing previously. I love working, I do love, what I do every day and I don’t feel to have had my closure yet…


4 thoughts on “Time management II (or: why the every day 10 minutes plan doesn’t work)

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