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When you have no time at all, you have all the time, you need

Keyboard shortcuts make me crazy.

I never learned 10 finger typing. I tried, but after the first row (a-s-d-f j-k-l-ö) I always quit. I type since I was 18 – yes, I am differently aged person, when I was young, only the really rich people had computer, internet was not something used by normal people and our old typewriter was not that pretty, like my other toys, so I started typing, when I needed it. When I typed my first e-mail to my sister, I think, I took so long to find all the letters – don’t speak about the letters hidden behind certain key-combinations, function keys etc. She gave me first lessons about formatting, like “hit a space after every sentence”, “don’t try to write everything into the same paragraph”.

Since then I almost became a keyboard-cowboy. Remember, I don’t use the 10 finger method, but I use all my fingers, when I type and I type mostly blind. I don’t know, I feel the distance between the keys on keyboards, I usually use, so my fingers “jump” to the correct place like automatically (one of the reasons, I don’t like changing my computer is not only, because I need to re-install all my progs and re-download my music and files from GDrive, but also that I need to re-feel these distances again, so I automatically get slower delivering the translations and writing my e-mails).

Sometimes it happens though, that although I know the distances right, I wanna get soo quick in working, that I use a certain shortcut, which I don’t want to (I hit the keys too quickly one after the other, speedy-cowboy, yeah!).

This is driving me crazy. Today for the 10th time I hit whatever shortcut it is – dunno – and start to generate the preview of the translation in SDL. To get this option Cancelled takes the same time, like I would not cancel it (in a 48000 words document it goes over a minute). 10th time, 10 minutes, 100000000 nerves killed!!!

I just signed up for the 10 finger course, 75 €, come on, I bet, I can deduct every cent. (Note: this course if for children, the first lesson is capturing eggs with a specific letter on by hitting the letter, before the eggs reach the bottom of the monitor)


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