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More efficient than Dior’s hydro creme set

My core business is translation. I rarely have – and take – the opportunity to get out for some fieldwork (interpreting). Firstly, I created my business to be less local and more global. I have no local office, I have no local clients – one, but I work for them through an agency, which is over 200 km away from me. It was thoroughly analysed and found to be the best way to keep myself physically free (and mentally. If you have local clients in a 10 thousand dweller city, you might meet them everywhere. Business-like behavior is not my strength, let me put it like this. I like to wear, do, speak, drink and eat, what I want, without having to pay attention on anyone. But this is absolutely disputable, maybe I am the only one thinking about it too much).

However, every year, around this season I have a random chance to interpret somewhere. The first time it was a food-fair, then the international accordion festival, this year BMW’s Sail Racing Academy. Not too shabby, right (and yes, let us speak about specialization another time, ok…)?

It is usually 2 or 3 days, what I spend with a person or a group of people, who I help to understand each other or an instructor. It is always a “big thing”. Since distant from everything, usually it takes for me 4-5 hours to arrive, which gives me the feeling of a fancy travel (I love travelling!)

These events are beautiful! Everything is organized for the guests – who I am the shadow of – I enjoy everything with them, from dinner to the classes, and visits and races, whatever they do, I do as well.

Every year, when I got to this unique interpretation, I have the feeling to become 10 years younger – or to have 10 years more experience – in just a second.

I don’t only learn a completely new area, no. I live with experts and talk about things, which I haven’t even known the existence of – like the “fu#k-o*f-blue rope” on every sailing boat, according to my Hungarian friends – it gives me a window out of my life to the world, where there is so much more, than just what I do, and I do a lot!

Today under the shower I thought, that I can keep myself mentally fit and young, until I am not scared/too tired to be open for these new things. I should try every year something new, what I haven’t done before yet.

Going back in time:

2013: I drove a motor-boat (abusively, the greatest experience in my life ever, (I don’t drive cars, neither scooters)) and releasing a sea turtle

2012: living in London

2011: tutoring on-site in San Francisco and Washington in two international companies (Chevron and FBI –> in this second case I tutored the one, who tutored the real FBI people. I didn’t have clearance to enter THOSE doors)

2010: my first ever travel to the USA

2009: founded Kiss To Language

2007 & 2008: my first and second cats

2006: European Masters and MA degree

I could go back many years and for every year there would be a highlight of what I’ve never done before in my life. I am sure, your lives are much more full of unique events, and I don’t even come close with getting cats and travelling to the USA, but believe me, at the end of the story, what really matters is, that you always get more out of your life and the possibilities, it offers.

I never will be a sailor – if not drunken – but I always will remember, that after I got seasick, I was allowed to drive a motorboat on my own (almost, gas was on him), I just FORGOT about seasickness in a second!

Can’t wait for next year’s event, in the meantime I qualify for the first diving license in November-December. ;-))


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