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In socialist Hungary of my youth it was a pain, when young people started to sang anything else, than just the pioneer songs.  They discovered beat and rock’n’roll without permission. But this was and is the normal behavior of living people, you can’t tell them where to go, they will choose their way!

I had a very good friend, whose parents were REAL hippies. They hitched a ride, his father had long hair – in the 80s!! On Saturday usually we copied his cassettes in someone’s house, listened  to his stories about his parent’s travelling, read out loud poems of Ginsberg and imagined, that one day, we might be also free to stay on the side of the road and love the whole world.

Our love for freedom and emotional revolution was a time-bomb back then.

I had a deja-vu, when IAPTI’s first conference started. Over 100 translators and interpreters got together for one day, because they wanted to break free.

They wanted to meet to spend a day together and catch up on, where this business is going now.

The discussions were different, like in other conferences.

No sponsors talk. There was a booth to have information and Kilgray – very kindly – offered a licence of its bomb-stable memoQ at a drawing, but that is it. No pushy leaflets, reminders, try-out versions, presentations, nothing. Just the presence. Their support.

Already the choice of held the conference in London. To support the cause of the British Court Interpreters, who actually did something revolutionary and SAID NO to a company, which wanted to get their dignity by cutting their prizes. I was happy saying with my being there: Yes, British Court Interpreters go on and show us, that there is much more, what we have to show the prize-cutters and low-prize offerers and I-think-I-get-a-professional-for-3-cents-agencies!

The panel discussion about rates. Rates is one of the most vital topic for us, we have to know, why we are offered low rates, we have to know, there are translators, who work for higher rates and we have to know the WHY!!!! It is not, that one translator works 3-times better, than the other, so one gets 1 cent the other 3 cents per word and we at the conference deny both and say: don’t work for less than 5 cents per word (someone even for less than 10 cents) .

There are reasons and we need to know and understand them. We need to be more open and state our rates; transparency is the first step towards understanding.

I loved the fact, that loads of young entrepreneurs gave speeches. They were very professional, this goes without saying and most of all, and they were credible! They are working in our profession, they have passion and you see, how electricized they get, when they get the chance to talk about it!

I had my laptop, since at other conferences sometimes I get bored and might catch up on work or on my e-mails…well at this conference there also were sessions, which I could not even miss for a second and forgot to tweet!

The day was a marathon though; very happy and exciting to be there, but at the end of the day I wished to have had the chance to ask all my questions, to meet all the people and to have just a minute to rest, before go.

I am loaded with energy until next year’s event, go on hitchhiking on my path in the galaxy of translators and interpreters!


6 thoughts on “#iapti2013

  1. What a beautifully written account, filled with everlasting vibes of a conference that will be next to impossible to top.
    May your path become even more beautiful and shine with huge well-deserved successes, both professional and personal.

    • thank you, Herman, it was yes, a very motivational event. Hopefully next year will bring us even more exciting topics and the fact, that IAPTI can contribute to better our business and view of our profession even more!

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