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No sex at work

My idea separating my personal and business life took another step: I bought a business computer.

Surely, all things, I do to strap myself away from my business identity aims to have one goal: to give me my free-time (and life) back.

I struggled to have a good enough time-management to separate work time from free time, just by telling me, I need to stop working. It doesn’t work.

So I thought to take a very aggressive step: I separate my life from my business making myself as difficult as possible to work in my freetime or to distract myself from work doing free-time stuff. I will go on til restricting my browser’s available websites at work, if necessary – blocking websites on my business computer in certain hours, so I can’t, really can’t do anything else, then:

– either take an hour off from work so go on with something from my hobbies.

– or sticking to work.

I remember at my first workplace, when our employer the first time let us sign its internet navigation policy, we were just afraid. It was the time, where social media started. (on the first day, when company communication could/had to be managed over skype, I literally didn’t do anything else, than chatting with my colleagues. It needed to be learnt, that only, because I am reachable, I won’t respond immediately.)

Well, it takes me at least one day, until I de-install all the software from my personal laptop and install everything into the new Lenovo Ultrabook, but I am sure, this step will organize for me my day without me having to set up different policies against myself, which I am committed to break in every second, when I want to have 10 minutes off to catch up with facebook friends or watch the latest of the Big Bang Theory, or when I just want to move a 100 words short-assignment for after-dinner while watching the news.

Like Esterhazy said once: when you write on a car: it is dirty, clean writes the dirt. The same happens here: Restriction gives me freedom.


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