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Working during your holiday

I truly did everything!

I started to send out emails at the beginning of the week to let agencies know, I will be away. I scheduled my last jobs to be finished before I am away and still I haven’t thought about that apple, which has been driven crazy Eve in the paradise.

3 jobs got into my mailbox today. Each of them around 20k words with acceptable deadlines. The only problem was: I am on holiday for the next two weeks…

I started freelancing in 2009. It was a part time job, if I wouldn’t have accepted anything in my holidays, I would have gotten through the year without difficulties. But I was too keen to work and get bigger and more powerful in the translation business IMMEDIATELY.

We have been in Malta, I remember, and I’ve struggled reading my e-mails on my phone, because the hotel’s wifi was wonky. And I literally went out of my mind. I started like screaming, that I won’t be able to succeed, if I have to be on holiday for four more days (?????) and I can’t accept this hotel room, if they won’t give me, what I paid for. I wasn’t sure, what I was so upset about – today I know, it was my uncertainty, that I can make it, and come on, it was told and told and told us, that no-one is un-substitutable, so we just KNOW, we will lose all our contacts, if we are not online/available 24/7.

It took me 4 – almost 5 – years to understand, that not only me, but also the PM-s and clients are people. Flesh and blood creatures, who work with schedules, but these schedules are not for something life-changing, like a solution for breast-cancer, it is just words….a document, by the most more documents with more words. So I take my time easier now and try to let them understand too, that it is human to have a computer crash, I will be asleep after 15 hours work and I will go on holiday, where there is no wifi. And that for 2 weeks (from more than 50 / year)

Yes, sure, the question arises, what if they will need so many words, that they won’t get back to me like ever again? I can shout after them bad words, but still won’t be paid for that and will lose my securities…Well…it is worth trying.

Preparation has been made, emails have been sent out, automatic response will be set up, a foreign SIM card will be bought to be able to respond to inquiries, so I just think, I made everything possible to ensure for myself and them too, that I have my right to go away – still carrying my laptop, but not wanting to work – for 2 weeks. (the acceptable deadlines are set after my return).

Happy to say, in some days: “Kiss to Language: AFK”


2 thoughts on “Working during your holiday

  1. Hi Kis Hanjnalk ,
    I have tried to reach you via the email given on the the Association of Hungarian Translators and Interpreters website but i received a failure delivery . That email you provided is ?? It is not working ?!!

    Could you please provide a working one? I need translation service offer .
    Dr.Emad Adnan

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