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Enough! Am not a slave!

This year starts good.

After some more serious reporting on my last year’s activity I found one major leakage in my daily performance. My rates are too low with some agencies, so I work way too much to earn, what I earn.

I work for a particularly profitable agency with a rate to be ashamed for. They give me so much work and outsource me jobs for very big end clients, where I just can’t believe, they have not enough margin to pay me more.

Well…last year I almost had no time off work, I always had a next project, a new, important and very large job etc. What I enjoyed over the last year, that I had no time at all, I always was very busy, which meant obviously that I earned a lot of money, but and here it is: BUT I EARNED LESS THAN I COULD HAVE WITH A BETTER RATE || I WORKED WAY TOO MUCH FOR MY MONEY.

If I manage to work for a higher rate, I will have the same amount of money and more time. The difference in time I can use for:

1. seeking new clients

2. developing a hobby

3. specializing in other fields

4. going to conferences/courses/meetings

5. having fun

And you think: She talks the talk, but she can’t walk the walk?

Well…Today I took the list of all my clients and their invoices and started sending out a new years email about how happy I am to work for them (true), what everything I did for my company during past year beside translating (website, new contact email, loads of good software and hardware bought, conferences, courses, associations) and that all this is only possible thanks to them (true). No, no mass mail, personal and very thoroughly thought emails.

We all know that quality needs investment. Good collaboration needs the growth of both sides. And I told them my new rate.

I am sure, there will be clients, who won’t even come back, but they will be the clients, who I WANTED to lose. Even if big ones.

While doing this, I also took a look at the “Quotes” folder in my mails, where I archived loads of mails from agencies, where I had one project or am in their DB, but never started any regular collaboration, so I guess, if I lose clients after my mail campaign, with the difference of time, I have I will:

1. seek new clients


2 thoughts on “Enough! Am not a slave!

  1. Excellent move, Hajnalka. You have started the new business year in the very best way possible. With the possibly free time, you can look for new clients who pay more. ‘possibly’ because you may just be surprised as to how many clients remain faithful to the excellent translator they are so used employing and who are prepared to pay a little more if they at least can keep the same quality.
    I wish you a very business changing and improving year with superb well-paying and quality appreciating clients.

    • So good to hear, you agree (I was sure). Surely this parabel will be continued for those,who haven’t even tried to raise their rates (and heads).

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