Business, Translation

An illiterate translator, this is, who I am

I support technology over almost everything. I know, it can be misused, but just as much as anything else. Even my biggest-ever business enemy, google translate is a beautiful tool, which enables my father to exchange emails with my fiancee in their own languages and to understand each other (no, I don’t think that any of them should hire a professional translator to send each other photos of their latest pizza or pogácsa with a nice comment, neither do I think that any of them should learn the other parties language).

I love technology over everything. When I moved to London, Giorgio gave me my first kindle, which made first time ever my move into just a pleasant trip. No books in 100 kg backpacks. Internet enables me not only to enjoy and see my friends, when we talk – for free – it also gives me information without any boundary. Yes, I am able to make a difference between any-kind-of-written-shyt and information.

Until I enrolled for the ATA exam there was nothing, what made me hate technology and my laptop. And then, ATA taught me that there still exist things like handwriting and paper dictionaries. Yes. The exam will be written by hand and the only material used for research must be printed on paper.

There will be no backspace button, no red-underline for possible spelling errors, no enter, no copy-space. Just to mention a few, which help me a lot, while I write.

There will neither be Wikipedia, nor google in general to understand through photos and cross-language reseach, how that thing is called, which has been pushed in Terminator II, to start moving the winch of the chain, on which Schwarzenegger hung to release him into the fluid metal container (pendant control panel…).

While apps already are able to recognize handwriting on the touchscreens, I try to “recognize” what I wrote on paper…(incredible that during my first university it still was possible to hand in short handwritten papers).

Well…there is no good way to say this: I am so used to typing that I have no idea, where to begin my preparation, by translating or by writing on paper again.


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