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Optimize your manufacturing process!

I am constantly in need of time.
I can’t even link the previous sentence to any of my previous articles, all of my previous articles state this need.

In the past years I figured that if I can’t work more and don’t want to raise my prices – just did this January – the best way of earning more is working less. For the sake of working less everything is optimized in my day.

I sit down between 8-9 AM and stay at my desk – or at least in house until 5-6 PM (sometimes until 8 PM). In between I do everything possibly online. Buy wine, cat-food, books, clothes, talk to friends, read news, watch my favorite series, search for information, send my invoices, queries to my accountant, organize my trips, find new events to go to, keep alive my friendships and bank online.

The less time I need to get somewhere to do something, the more time – and money – I save.
Time is money. Directly. No need to explain this.

The only places I regularly go to is the grocery store right under our flat, the farmacy in front of our flat, the market right parallel to our flat.

The rest of going out is for free time: cats to the vet, go to the beach, to restaurants, plant shop, wine tastings.

Everything is optimized, which gets twisted around, when one of these things has a bug. If one thing has a bug, my life has a bug.

I chose to bank online at a very reliable bank. Bankers bank at this bank, even my agent at the company for private pension said this would be the best choice in Italy.
They offered professional and private bank accounts, opening and closing was for free, paying taxes, remittance, saving account, all for free, doable online 24/7.

If I had a problem, I could chat with them and I never ever needed any physical bank to go to. For nothing. It worked PERFECTLY.
Until today, when I got a registered letter from them saying that their services for companies close and I need to give them another bank account, where they can send my liquidity, before they close the account completely in 15 days. Fifteen days. One five. Two weeks.

My saved time is suddenly not existent. It got sucked up by this change. I have to advice my clients about this change and await their confirmation (I changed to this bank a year ago and some clients still pay me to my old current account…). They don’t give a shite if I get paid, they already have their translations, I am the one who has to make it sure, they got the information right on time…well…not later, than I did.
This means doing an excel sheet listing all possible clients, sending out an extraordinary email IN AUGUST, WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD IS ON HOLIDAY and waiting that within 15 days they confirm to have understood that my old account closes.

I need to share new account details with the internet company – paid by SDD -, my accountant for the SDD regarding taxes and social security, which I pay in August obviously.

But first, I need to find another bank giving me all the services I need! I need new credit and debit cards, and all this in fifteen days? All this in fifteen days!!!!

Why the hell is this country and the banks and the gods and all saints against their own companies?
Is it not enough that we get paid after 90-120 days – if ever (a client of mine just told me after they haven’t paid me for 100 days that they are not liquid and I need to wait….I mean, I have no problems with liquidity – knock it on wood – and don’t do my vacation in August, but 1000 euros are still a lot of money…)

I feel exhausted before even I started looking for a possible substitute bank. So much about optimization


2 thoughts on “Optimize your manufacturing process!

  1. Köszi, Péter! Még jó, hogy ma pont öregedés elleni arckrémek weboldalát fordítom, felvidít a sok butaság, amit írnak. hahaha, tegnap még a ráncaim is lefelé néztek. ma már gondolni sem akarok erre a hülye bankra. Bárcsak ne kéne…Arrafele mi újság, költözés, nyár, napsütés?

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