About my English

I decided to cut off the head of the evil and include this post as a new page to my blog, so all of you, who think, I’d need a comment listing the grammar errors, please read this first.

The first thing, you have to know: I am not and will never be English native.

Since I run this blog, last night for the second time I got a comment pointing out my errors in English spelling and grammar.

Interesting fact is that not natives are bothered by my mistakes, but Hungarians point out that I use too many colons,,,,,, I use the English grammar in some places poorly and that I should pay more attention to it, not only, because I am a translator, but also, because I am a teacher.

Let us get this straight and let me publish a post about it now, so anyone, who gets annoyed with my English understands it properly and can refer to this article as many times, as needed:

Yes, I am language teacher (German language by the way), so I know that there are four different ways, how one can “meet” a language.

By listening to it or reading it, which are passive channels OR by speaking or writing it, which are the active channels.

Obviously it is much more difficult to produce than to comprehend. I might read tons of English books, watch CSI in English before dinner to chill out, read English blogs, or listen to podcasts in English, I might even understand every word of it, BUT I still am faaaar from producing – speaking or writing – it on the same exact level. (Translating in ideal situations – mine – is a performance, which means understanding the source (foreign language) and producing the target in your native language. So you get it: I have to understand the source text 100%, I don’t have to translate into it.

This active-passive game is by the way true not only for languages, but for the perception of the whole world.

For example: to notice the difference between a good a bad cupcake, you don’t have to be a good baker. Do you think, you are also a good presenter only, because you participate on every conference and can take notes? Or have you ever claimed to be a good swimmer after having read a book about swimming? Obviously not! You need practise, you need time, you need to better the right abilities. (Those, who can’t do, teach, right?)

Nonetheless I understand the comments. I would like to mention here the multitude of times, when I have to translate English source written by non-natives, which obviously – as you can get from my articles – is clearly understandable and annoying to work with. I also happened to read some time ago emails written in German by non-natives, where the whole grammar was correct, but it was just ridiculous, how the person (mis)used the language. One will never – or in very rare cases – be as able in a foreign language, as if it would be one’s native. I know that in some countries people translate into the foreign language, because it is hard to find foreigners, who speak the country’s language, but the results either are questionable or take too much time or even both.)

So after all, why do I write in English and not in Hungarian? For two reasons:

1 . Unfortunately I can’t better, how I write in English without writing in English. This blog is not only a diary for me and for my business, but also a parade ground to have the chance to produce in English. The more, the better.

2. I’d like to reach as many people, as I can, and c’mon, English – whether you like it or not – is still the most widely understood language among translators.

I thank faithfully to all, who read the blog and enjoy the articles and make a call to those, who feel the need to mention my errors in English: if you have spare time, I can give you all my articles and you can browse through them to correct the errors. This will better your mood and will help me to come through with a more professional and error-free platform. If you don’t, then please let it be, since I fail to understand, why you call these types of comments endorsement.

I know, my worst characteristics is that I feel hurt very easily, so, if you come to this blog, please laugh about me in the contest I mention, not about how I present it to you…since “such jesting is a privilege I only grant myself”

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