About this blog

Some years ago it became clear, that my life won’t be the same, as I thought, it would be, when I was like 15.

After my first graduation I had to leave Hungary, since I didn’t find a job as a German language teacher. In Germany, Munich, after I worked a year and a half for a patent attorney, I started to study again, this time computational linguistics, Italian philology and German as a foreign language, and in the last two years of my studies I also participated in a European Master in Natural Language Processing. This included studying in two different European universities for one semester, so I have been in Venice – not in Mestre, but in Venice Venice – and in Barcelona.

From Barcelona I moved back to Italy, and I started to live at the Adriatic sea, in Riccione. I found work in Modena, land of Ferrari and the good food.

In 2012 I worked for a company in London to accomplish a language related project for the European Union, called MORMED.

Since 2013 I live in Riccione again, and dedicate myself completely to translations.

I believe to know, what diverse means. I believe to have the sensitiveness for the “others”. I hope, I can bring  some of the concepts closer to you too, which I am following in my daily life. I would appreciate, if you’d come back to this site, if you’d leave a comment about my trips (sometimes mental ;-))

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